Training & Mini Life Update

Eeek, another hiatus from the blog! Every time I write a “To Do” list (which is every day, I’m the biggest list-maker), BLOG is always on it. Always. But then other things such as grad school work, cleaning, marathon training runs/workouts, etc take priority.. Anyway, I’m here to give a quick life update with the news that YES, Charlotte Marathon training is well underway. I began week 4 today with a speed workout, and I’m feeling positive, excited, and look forward to every run. No joke there. I do look forward to every run – some more than others, depending on the humidity 😉

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.36.55 PM

This run was in Canada^ International training 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.37.04 PM

Awesome hill training! Incline set at 12%

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.42.06 PM

First long run of the training cycle. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.37.15 PM

Speed workout on the treadmill

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.37.24 PM

Moderate run + leg strength training = sore!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.37.33 PM

I love these comparison photos. I’ve come a long way, but am not finished.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.45.50 PM.png

Now THIS was a humid run.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.55.23 PM.png

This was on Robert’s birthday – August 7th. Picture taken in front of tree and bench my parents and I planted in his memory.

I’m really enjoying this training cycle. Robert’s friend who is coaching me (who is an elite runner herself. Seriously, she runs 100-mile mountain races), has put together an “ambitious plan”. So I’m not just going out and running X number of miles everyday. Some days I do speed intervals, other days I do tempo or progression runs, some days are “easy”, and others are long runs. I’m also tying in strength training and lifting. 83 days from today is the marathon!

I’ve also really been focusing on nutrition. A lot. It takes discipline, but I make sure that I hit all major food groups (yes, I eat carbs). After losing 22 lb. in 2015, I figured out what breakfasts fuel me for the day, what fills me up and what doesn’t, what I can keep in the apartment and what I can’t (cookies). Some days I slip up, I’m human, but I enjoy eating clean. I feel my best (mentally, physically, emotionally), love the way I look in clothes, am more confident, more productive with my day, and of course, it helps my training. But I do still need to work just as hard with it as I did when I was actually losing the weight.

I’ve developed some healthy habits, some of which I shared on the post here. Probably my biggest pieces of advice are: don’t skip meals, drink water, and plan ahead with your eating. If you’ll be taking a road trip, pack healthy snacks. If you have class, bring a sliced apple to eat halfway through. If you binge on something in the apartment, like I did with cookies, don’t buy them.

For me, it’s really just a bunch of small steps that have made a huge difference. It’s a lifestyle not a diet. Eat the rainbow. Change won’t happen overnight, but stick with it, remind yourself of your goals, surround yourself with supportive people, and the rest will take care of itself.

With that being said, other things that have been happening this summer:

  • My fiancé and I set a date & venue for our wedding
  • I finished my first  semester of grad school
  • I’m soaking up my last couple weeks of summer vacation before life gets infinitely more busy!

I have a couple delicious and healthy recipes to post this week. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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