Something New I’m Trying…

I’m trying something new this marathon training cycle, and so far I LOVE it!

Guess what it is?


I haven’t listened to music while working out since the beginning of June. I found that whenever I was doing a hard workout, like a long run or hill repeats, I relied on loud, fast music to get me through the workouts. I would crank up the volume and blast music in my ears as I pushed through another hill repeat or a 20-miler, and if my iPod ever ran out of battery it was pretty much the end of the world.

I decided that I no longer want to rely on music to get me through a workout or to push me to run my fastest. I want to push myself and find the motivation within myself.

I love this decision I’ve made. Honestly, I enjoy hearing the sound of my feet against the pavement or trails. I am more focused on my breathing. I find myself thinking about my running goals and life in general instead of getting sucked into the lyrics of a song.

If you’re thinking about forgoing the music while working out, I highly recommend it 🙂



  1. I came across your blog on Ning and loved this post! I wrote about the same thing a few weeks ago. Going music free again has changed my stress levels tremendously!


    • Thank you! I’ve noticed that I can run just as well without it! Though I am running the Charlotte Marathon this coming weekend, and think I will run with it. Just for extra motivation. One day I’ll do a marathon without it! 🙂


  2. Are you still running without music? I have been doing this lately as well and feel so much more free! I also find that it helps me regulate my breathing and of course just be more tuned into my environment, body, and thoughts!


    • Hi Alexis,
      So most of my training for the Beantown Marathon (September 10) has been with music, but this week I’ve left it behind. Forgot how much I love running without it! I have the same feelings as you – it definitely helps me focus on my breathing, steps, and body. I’m looking forward to the day when I run a marathon without music. Not sure when that will be though 🙂
      Happy running!


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