Looking Back on 2017, and Ahead to 2018

New year, same me. Except faster and stronger 😉

I’ve written down some running goals for 2018 which I’m excited to share.

But first, 2017. The main running goal I had for 2017 was to qualify for Boston 2018. Well, that didn’t happen. But I got a hell of a lot closer! 17 minutes closer not that I’m counting. I went from a 4:01:28 –> 3:44:28 and am minutes away from snagging that BQ.

Besides a BQ, I knew I wanted to break 4 hours in the full (did that twice) and get as close to a 1:45 half marathon as possible (Ran a 1:42:54 in early Dec!).

One other huge accomplishment was running the Leadville Trail Marathon and setting a 1 hr 6 min PR. That was my highlight run of the year. I love those races and having so many family members and friends around.

So, thinking back to all my running accomplishments, despite some difficult and inevitable non-PR races, I’m very excited for the new year because…MARATHON TRAINING BEGINS MONDAY! And with that, GOALS!

2018 Running Goals:

1) Qualify for the 2019 Boston Marathon

2) Break 3:25 in the full marathon

3) Break 1:35 in the half marathon

4) Run a 5k with all mile splits under 7:00 min/mi

5) Update my 10k PR from Oct 2016! 🙂 (this is the distance I race the least)

And that’s them. All written down, all measurable, and all tough! But definitely doable with hard work and perseverance.

What are some of your 2018 goals? They don’t have to be running related 🙂

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