January Training Update!

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It’s been a full month of marathon training (and life!). I knew it’d be super busy with teaching, grad school, wedding planning, training, etc, but even more was thrown onto my plate (and Kyle’s!) and we both agreed the other night that it was just a crazy month.

The Positives

The first chunk of marathon training has gone really well, and I’m seeing tons of progress from the fall. I’m running my fastest speed workout times, doing crazy hill repeats, and even clocked my first sub-7 minute mile! (6:58 minutes). Granted, I ran that when I started coming down with the flu and had a fever (definitely not an ideal time to run mile repeats..), so I’m hoping that next time I do them I’ll get even more sub-7 miles and faster than 6:58. Also, I’m seeing my cadence increase (I tend to overstride) so that’s a plus!

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 4.58.08 PM

The Not as Positive Runs

My two runs that felt “blech” this month were one of my tempo runs and recovery runs when I started coming down with the flu (before I even had a fever, so I didn’t know I was getting sick). I felt so worn out and drained and honestly, even the recovery run felt really hard. Like my entire body was trudging along through mud and just couldn’t move any faster even if I tried. I thought it was all exhaustion and stress, but my runs generally take my stress away and I still felt horrible even after finishing. So, something was clearly wrong there.

New Things I’m Doing

I’m adding some new things into my marathon training this cycle that I’ve never done before. I’ll go into more detail later, but I wanted to share a couple with you now:

• I am going to a 90 minute yoga class on Sunday evenings at my gym. I feel heading into a week of speed workouts and hard runs would be best prepped with a nice, long stretch.

• 10 minutes of core work, 5x a week. Core work used to always be so hard for me because I would save it for the very end of my workout and would usually end up lying on the mat staring at the wall in exhaustion and never actually doing it! (Anyone else do that??). So, I started doing a 5-minute ab video first thing – before ITB exercises, running, and strength training. And after all that, at the very end of my workout, I do it again. 10 minutes of core, broken up into two small chunks is much more manageable for me than 10 minutes at the very end of a workout.

This week is a cutback week, which is perfect since I’m easing back into running after having the flu last week. I’ll keep building back up and next week it’s go time!

As always, please email me or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions or want me to write a post about something in particular. 🙂

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