So how did those 2018 running goals go?

It’s December and all my 2018 races are done for the year. Naturally, I wanted to see if I hit any of the running goals I set for myself. Well, spoiler alert: I didn’t! But that’s okay. Here’s what I envisioned when I was closing out 2017:

2018 Running Goals:

1) Qualify for the 2019 Boston Marathon – Didn’t happen, but that’s okay! Still working for that BQ and I’ll get there.

2) Break 3:25 in the full marathon – No, but I set a PR (3:41) with negative splits! Honestly, I think I’m more pumped about the negative splits than the PR.

3) Break 1:35 in the half marathon – Did not run a half marathon for time. 

4) Run a 5k with all mile splits under 7:00 min/mi – No, but I set a PR with all mile splits in the low 7:00’s. Again, I know I’ll get there 🙂

5) Update my 10k PR from Oct 2016! 🙂 (this is the distance I race the least) – Did not run a 10k for time.

I’ve grown so much as a runner, athlete, and person in 2018 so I’m not bummed at all about not hitting any of the goals above. Some things I HAVE achieved this year include:

  • Learning how to execute a smart race
  • Making so much progress in my battles with an eating disorder and PTSD
  • Building my own small running coaching business
  • Sharpening my mental strength – I mean, I actually like tempo runs. Who says that?!

…And for that (and so much more) I am so proud of my 2018 🙂



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