Tighter Together – Summer 2020

From mid-June to mid-July, I completed Madeline Custer’s (@madeline_moves on IG) 4-week challenge called Tighter Together – an awesome strength training challenge! Below I talk about my goals, how I did with them, and my next steps.

My Goals:

  1. Feel/get stronger
  2. Continue learning that I can eat anything in moderation
  3. Feel more comfortable in my clothes and skin
  4. Have fun!

Progress Pictures:

(June 15 –> July 11)





Back progress: January –> July (I’ve NEVER had back definition, so this is really exciting!)


By far the most arm definition I’ve ever had. Proud!

So how did I do with my goals?

  1. Feel/get stronger – check! As TT progressed, I would look back on pervious workouts and see that I was lifting heavier than a couple weeks prior – and feeling good. I also noticed that my mental strength shot way up during the second half of the challenge.
  2. Continue learning that I can eat anything in moderation – check! To each their own, but I enjoy tracking macros. I have learned about different foods and how much fat, protein, carbs, and fiber are in them while still enjoying things I love – aka cereal and dessert 🙂 
  3. Feel more comfortable in my clothes and skin – check! I ordered some clothes towards the end of TT and got a smaller size than usual and convinced myself that they wouldn’t fit – but they do! Yay!
  4. Have fun! – double check! 🙂 I looked forward to each workout. They are very difficult and challenging, but I feel so proud of myself after finishing each one. It’s empowering!

I’m not sure if my weight changed during this challenge. TT ended last weekend and I have yet to weigh myself because I’ve been on vacation. And honestly, my weight doesn’t really matter to me because I’d rather feel strong and be happy with my body composition than be a certain number on the scale.

Macros and Running:

I did have my macros calculated for this challenge, and have enjoyed tracking them. Throughout the challenge, I was overall consistent with tracking.

I completed all of the Tighter Together workouts, which is 6 workouts a week. I have been taking a break from running so I did not supplement this with running. If I was running, I probably would’ve only done one leg day each week (instead of two), and stuck to the 30 minute versions of each workout.

My next steps:

TT is a 4-week challenge or “push phase”, so it’s only 30 days! This isn’t a “quick fix” kind of thing. It’s to accelerate your progress (which is why it’s only 4 weeks) and help you as you continue to move throughout your healthy lifestyle journey.

I am continuing to follow Weekly Moves Workouts (5 workouts/week) and tracking macros. I’ve seen such progress in 2020 while doing both and am excited about where I’m heading.


Tighter Together would not be good cross training for runners. However, it is an awesome strength training supplement for runners! Cross training is a form of exercises that mimics a person’s main sport. So for runners, cross training would mimic the aerobic benefits of running and your heart rate would be increased for an extended period of time. Some cross training ideas for running are biking, hiking, elliptical, stair master, cross-country skiing, and swimming.

The cost for someone who is not a member of Weekly Moves Workouts is $50. If you are a subscribed member of WMW, it costs $30. I have been a subscribed member of WMW since before this challenge, so I paid $30.

Typically, Madeline hosts a TT challenge every January, May, and September. However, because of Covid, she is only hosting two TT challenges in 2020 – January and June-July. The next TT will be in January 2021.

If you have other questions, leave them below and I’m happy to answer them! Did you participate in Tighter Together? If so, what did you think?!


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