August is a weird month. Lots of big dates, milestones, emotions, and anniversaries of different things.

I’m starting the month of by celebrating 2 years of my run coaching business, Strongest Self, and am doing 5 days of fun, running related giveaways. It feels good to acknowledge my accomplishment and hard work, and to also give back to my Instagram followers (especially this year) who have supported my healthy lifestyle and run coaching journey.

Then, Robert’s birthday comes at the end of the first week, August 7th. Not only was Robert born on the 7th but his lucky number was 7, so on Friday, 8/7 I’ll be running 7 miles in his honor. I haven’t been running really since quarantine started and have been solely focusing on weight training so I’m really excited to get out there ❤

Eleven days later comes our anniversary! Yay, happy day! This year we’re celebrating two years of marriage and it’s gone by quickly I think because Kyle and I have both had so many big milestones since our wedding. I’m not sure what we’re doing to celebrate. We tossed out a few different ideas so we’ll see!

Another birthday in my family comes next and while we of course want to and do celebrate, 3 days later is the date of Robert’s passing – August 25. It feels strange to celebrate and be happy when we know what is just looming around the corner.

On the 24th, Kyle starts his third and final year of law school. He has worked so hard and I know he will be just as successful this year as he has been in the past two years.

The 25th is the date of Robert’s passing. Not sure what I’ll be up to that day but I know it will include being outside, whether that’s a walk or run. Or both.

And finally, the end of August always means that the school year is about to begin. I’ll be starting my eighth year of teaching, so I am trying to soak up these last few weeks of summer and relax, which mainly includes reading (currently reading “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie) and watching reality tv (making my way through Vanderpump Rules right now…pretty addicting but I’m also not sure how these people don’t realize everything about their lives is toxic. I’m glad I’m not any of them!).

Anyway, that’s August for me. Is there a month in your life that has a lot going on or is an emotional rollercoaster?



  1. Thanks for all that you do in the running community. You are inspiring. As a member of the track & field team at Dickinson College, we run for your brother every year too. Run happy, and run strong!

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