Trader Joe’s Fall Haul

I am so excited to finally post this blog because the fall/seasonal foods from Trader Joe’s are DELICIOUS!!! I went to Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago to fill my cart with all fall, pumpkin, autumnal items and came away with so many things. I did not buy every seasonal item I found because of trying to keep costs relatively low, but did my best to get as wide of a variety as possible. Let’s jump into the fall haul!


Pumpkin Waffles

It’s so convenient having a frozen item on hand like these to pop into the toaster for “breakfast for dinner” on a busy week night. Kyle and I ate through these quickly and loved them! The pumpkin taste was noticeable but not overwhelming and they paired well with a side of eggs and chicken sausage. I don’t love eating a ton of frozen food because the sodium content tends to be much higher, but these had much less sodium than other items in my fall haul. If I get back to Trader Joe’s this fall, I will absolutely buy another box of pumpkin waffles and maybe top them with cinnamon apples or a little whipped cream 🙂


Pumpkin Butter

I love spreads, whether it’s nut butter, cream cheese, pumpkin butter, you name it! This pumpkin butter did not disappoint and is very versatile. You could easily spread this on toast or a bagel in the morning, on a rice cake in the afternoon as a snack, or even in the evening while passing around hors dourves. My favorite way to eat the pumpkin butter is on toast or a cracker, but here’s the thing: first add a little smear of cream cheese and then add the pumpkin butter. I love the combo of the pumpkin butter with something creamy and this duo does the trick!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

The pumpkin cream cheese was a big hit in my household! My parents, husband, and I all gave this 5 stars and quickly finished off a container together. Similar to the pumpkin butter, this cream cheese spread is versatile and while your first thought might be to put this on a bagel, try some crackers during happy hour (I recommend the Fig and Olive Crisps from TJs). Yum yum! Your tastebuds will not be disappointed 🙂


Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bar

Ok, so good! I always see people on social media eating Perfect Bars as snacks but I never really got on board with them. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re in the refrigerated section (my mind doesn’t think about bars when I’m shopping that category), but this was so delicious. The pumpkin flavor was not too powerful and I ate mine as a pre workout snack and felt energized and ready to go afterwards. I will certainly be buying more Pumpkin Perfect Bars and want to try other flavors too!

Maple & Sea Salt Kettle Corn

The kettle corn is one of my favorite items in this haul. I’m not a huge popcorn person (unless I’m at the movies), but kettle corn is different. With the maple glaze on top plus a dash of sea salt in each bite, this was a delicious snack! However, I don’t think I’ll be buying this item again, not because it wasn’t good (it was), but because I didn’t find this to be a filling snack. I finished a serving still feeling hungry and really wanting another helping. Basically, I was craving more, which I would be okay with if I was snacking on something more nutritious, but not kettle corn.


Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

The cheese in this mac & cheese is to die for. I heated this up in our microwave and remember stirring the pasta with the cheese and seeing just how gooey it was. (Is your mouth watering yet?!). Kyle and I both really liked this dish and were bummed that a box only had 2 servings because that meant it was all gone within one night. Personally, even though I liked this mac & cheese, I won’t be buying it again. Like I said for the pumpkin waffles, I don’t love eating much frozen food because of the higher sodium content (this has 480 mg/serving) and felt the sodium worth it.

Harvest Chili

I enjoyed the harvest chili and like how it’s made with healthy ingredients such as black beans, quinoa, and butternut squash. It was so nice to toss this in a pot to heat up knowing the ingredients were whole foods and nutritious. However, I think this is something I can easily recreate on my own, so I will not be buying the Harvest Chili again.

Pumpkin Ravioli

Oh I looooove some delicious and cheesy ravioli! This tasted really good and the pumpkin flavor worked well with the pasta. Even though the serving size was only 2.5 (we rounded down to 2 so it was gone too soon!), the sodium content was much lower than I thought it’d be (180 mg/serving), which was awesome to see (can you tell I try to steer clear of high sodium foods?!).

Pumpkin Butternut Squash Bisque

This was the first item from the fall haul that I ate and it was love at first taste. The warm pumpkin taste got me so energized for fall! The pumpkin puree flavor was perfect and this bisque hit the spot on a chillier evening for dinner. It has me thinking about how I can recreate this bisque using pumpkin from the jack-o-lantern we just carved.


Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies

These cookies remind me so much of the frosted animal cookies. The frosting is a hard shell around the cookie and is topped with sprinkles. There are four cookies in a serving (they are pretty small) and definitely have a pumpkin spice flavor. I really like these cookies but I feel like I don’t love them enough to continue buying them. Plus, in my opinion, dessert is something you should absolutely LOVE and savor, and while these cookies are pretty good they don’t overwhelm me.

Pumpkin Ginger Mini Ice Cream Cones

This dessert overwhelms me in the best way possible! These ice cream cones are most likely my favorite item from the haul. Whoever created these hit the jackpot. Not only is a serving size 3 ice cream cones (!!!) but the pumpkin ice cream topped with a hard shell topping and a little sugar is just perfect. My mouth is starting to water and I don’t think my writing can accurately describe how delicious these are but the next time you’re at Trader Joe’s, please buy a box of these and taste the yumminess for yourself!


Howling Gourd Pumpkin Ale

I have yet to try this pumpkin ale but Kyle has had a few and really likes it. Personally, I only drink alcohol on the weekends so I plan to drink one this upcoming Friday or Saturday 🙂

Downeast Pumpkin Blend

I tried this a few weeks ago when Kyle and I were in Salem for the afternoon. At first, I wasn’t sure about the sweetness but after a few sips it grew on me. It definitely has a strong pumpkin taste to it and I’m not sure I could have any more than two at a time because of the powerful flavor but I recommend trying it out if you haven’t!

And that’s it for my Trader Joe’s fall haul! What’s your favorite seasonal item from TJs? Is there something you haven’t tried but are wanting to?

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