75Hard Update

Today is day 17 / 75 for me and I have an update! (If you’re not sure what 75Hard is, I my blog post from last week is linked here.) After I posted my blog post last week about 75Hard and how it was going for me, what it is, etc, I received a message on Instagram from a follower who was curious why I was promoting such a rigid program without any flexibility when throughout my many years building my IG account I have always promoted a healthy and balanced approach to health, running, and many other things. She was very friendly and respectful, and also included links to some articles about why 75Hard can be viewed as dangerous because people can become obsessive and view themselves as a failure if they miss one small detail. I read through each article she sent and realized that she had so many good points – many of which I didn’t even think about when deciding to do 75 Hard. Something I have been learning through binge eating disorder recovery and therapy is to not be so rigid and inflexible; to approach life, work, health, training with a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset. I so really appreciated her pointing all these things out to me.

So, am I technically still doing 75 Hard? Well, the Elizabeth version! 🙂 I will still be checking in on the 75th day to see how I feel physically and mentally and to see if I feel stronger in either of those ways – and I’m sure I will, especially now that I’m approaching it with a more relaxed mentality.

What I’m Continuing to Do Daily:

  • *Drink at least 1 gallon of water
  • Take progress pictures
  • *Not drink alcohol
  • *Eat nutritious and fueling foods (over 2,000 cals / day) and not binge eat

*These are all things that I do daily already, so I don’t have a problem with continuing to follow through with them. I do drink alcohol, but going 75 days without it isn’t difficult because I don’t drink often.

What I’m Continuing to Do MOST Days:

  • Complete a 45 minute workout (minimum) outdoors – I run 6 of the 7 days each week and all my runs are at least 45 minutes long. The 7th day is a complete rest day (Fridays) for me so I will not be pushing myself physically or mentally to complete a workout/walk/yoga on that day. Personally, Fridays are not only a physical recharge day for me but also a mental recharge and I need to keep that sacred.
  • Complete a 45 minute workout (minimum) indoors – 4 of the 7 days I strength train so I am continuing to do this. The other 3 days I will not be completing a second 45 minute workout, just one run outside.
  • Read at least 10 pages of a nonfiction book

What is Most Important to Me as I Continue with this Challenge:

  • Continue applying what I’ve learned through binge eating disorder recovery and therapy. It’s okay to not follow a plan to a T and being flexible with your approach will lead to a more successful outcome and mentality.
  • Eat at least 2,000 calories a day of nutritious food to fuel my running while also having a balance with foods that are considered not quite as nutritious. (For instance, tonight is the Super Bowl and we’re eating wings, pretzel bites, nachos, chips & dips, and dessert. Yum yum!)
  • No binging – this is very different than enjoying Super Bowl themed foods. Binge eating is suppressing feelings & emotions with an excessive amount of food and a serious eating disorder that I struggled with for many years.
  • Continue building up my running and mileage. I’ve been working so hard this fall and winter to build my base back and am approaching running 40 miles / week.
  • Continue enjoying the process and journey to a stronger me! 🙂

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