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What New Runners Should Focus on While Increasing Mileage

Did you just take up running or have you decided to start training for a long distance race? If so, yay! Welcome to the world of running and the supportive running community that comes with it 🙂 Below are some pieces of advice for runners who are new to the sport or who are beginning the adventure of long distance running. Easy pace and effort Increasing your mileage is really exciting and also a big stress on your body. Let’s say your runs are getting longer and you’re starting to… Read more What New Runners Should Focus on While Increasing Mileage

Weekly Moves Workouts – Top 10 FAQ

If you follow me on IG, you know I have been solely doing Madeline Custer’s Weekly Moves Workouts for the past 6+ weeks – and I LOVE it! 🙂 It is changing my life, so I figured I would answer the top 10 most asked questions I’ve received in case you’re dabbling with the idea of becoming a Weekly Moves member. What is the cost? For Weekly Moves Workouts, the cost is $20 per month for 5 workouts each week (a price which I personally find awesome!). Madeline also does… Read more Weekly Moves Workouts – Top 10 FAQ

Binge Eating Disorder Q&A

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a “question box” in my IG story regarding my struggle with binge eating disorder. You all asked a lot of really good questions, so let’s get right to them! Q) What is binge eating disorder? Binge eating disorder (BED) is an eating disorder where a person consumes a very large quantity of food. The person usually feels out of control during this time. The duration of the binge is short – just a few minutes. Once the person stops binging and realizes… Read more Binge Eating Disorder Q&A

Goals for 2020

I love making resolutions and setting goals for myself. The start of a new year is always very exciting because it brings the feeling of a new page and chapter. Below are some of my goals for 2020. Not all are mentioned because some are a bit more personal and others I’d just like to keep private. I always feel a little vulnerable sharing these…but accomplishing them will make me a better person, so I’m happy to share! I’ve divided them into different categories for organization and to make sure… Read more Goals for 2020

5 Things I Do Every Morning to Start My Day off Right

Anyone else a routine person? What about a morning person? I’m both, and am much more productive at 6:00am than I am at 8:00pm so that’s why I have a morning routine that I do everyday. Ok, let’s be honest. There are those CRAZY mornings where something doesn’t get done and I feel scattered. But 95% of the time, if I do these five things in the morning, I head into the rest of my day feeling calm and ready to go. Chill with a mug of hot coffee. Yum! 🙂… Read more 5 Things I Do Every Morning to Start My Day off Right