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Category: Running Essentials

5 Things a Runner Should Invest In

Taking your running to the next level takes a lot of patience, consistency, and hard work, but don’t forget about the little things that can help get you there. I’ve listed five items  runners should invest in to help them become stronger, faster, and injury free. *All products I use are linked but there are also other brands out there, so shop around and see what you like 🙂 Heart rate monitoring chest strap: Depending on which brand of watch you wear, there may be a HR monitoring chest strap… Read more 5 Things a Runner Should Invest In

Easy Miles Should Actually Be Easy – Calculate your Maximum Aerobic Heart Rate.

I feel like I’ve been posting and talking a lot about my easy miles recently. I run all my easy runs, long runs, and recovery runs at at least 10+ min/mile and I am proud of that because it’s made me stronger and faster, and I’ve avoided injuries. Slowing down and monitoring your maximum aerobic heart rate makes you a more efficient runner (aka running further, faster) and lowers your risk of potential running injuries. Slowing your pace by a few minutes 3-4 times every week doesn’t mean you’re slow, obese, insignificant, or… Read more Easy Miles Should Actually Be Easy – Calculate your Maximum Aerobic Heart Rate.

Something New I’m Trying…

I’m trying something new this marathon training cycle, and so far I LOVE it! Guess what it is? NO MUSIC. I haven’t listened to music while working out since the beginning of June. I found that whenever I was doing a hard workout, like a long run or hill repeats, I relied on loud, fast music to get me through the workouts. I would crank up the volume and blast music in my ears as I pushed through another hill repeat or a 20-miler, and if my iPod ever ran… Read more Something New I’m Trying…