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Category: Weight Loss

Resolutions/goals/habits for 2017

Well, it’s the start of a new year and you know what that means – NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! Personally, I don’t mind the term “resolution”. I think if anyone is trying to better themselves then that’s great. But I also think “goals” and “habits” are other ways you can put it if you personally don’t like the word “resolution”. Honestly, I’ve been making New Year’s resolutions for as long as I can remember, but up until 2015 I never actually followed through with them. For the longest time, my resolution was… Read more Resolutions/goals/habits for 2017

Tips on How I Stay on Track

Losing 22 lb. wasn’t easy. But maintaining my weight loss also isn’t easy. I’ve maintained my 22 lb. weight loss for almost an entire year now, but finding a healthy balance took time. I found that even though I had lost the weight I wanted, I still needed to work just as hard, if not harder, to keep it off and not let myself slide back into old, unhealthy habits. Over the past year, I’ve discovered a bunch of tips and tricks that have personally helped me maintain my weight… Read more Tips on How I Stay on Track

2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is off to a nice start for you. I spent my two-week vacation with my family. It always goes by too quickly! Every year, I make resolutions. In the past, I used to only follow through with them for a couple months, but last year was different. On January 1, 2015 I vowed to lose 20 lb. and keep it off – and I did it! So, I made a bunch of resolutions for 2016 and so far, so good. I divided them into two… Read more 2016 Resolutions

Staying on Track During the Holidays

As we enter into the holiday season, there are temptations to veer off the “healthy eating track” around almost every corner. Temptations such as pie, candy, bread, holiday drinks, alcohol..  Plus, the fact that it gets dark before 5:00pm doesn’t help. So, how can you stay motivated during the holidays? Below are a few tips/tricks I’ve used and am planning to use this holiday season. 1. Think before you eat. As your hand is reaching out for a frosted Christmas cookie, think to yourself, “do I NEED this?”. 9/10 chances, the answer will… Read more Staying on Track During the Holidays