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5 Things I Do Every Morning to Start My Day off Right

Anyone else a routine person? What about a morning person? I’m both, and am much more productive at 6:00am than I am at 8:00pm so that’s why I have a morning routine that I do everyday. Ok, let’s be honest. There are those CRAZY mornings where something doesn’t get done and I feel scattered. But 95% of the time, if I do these five things in the morning, I head into the rest of my day feeling calm and ready to go. Chill with a mug of hot coffee. Yum! 🙂… Read more 5 Things I Do Every Morning to Start My Day off Right

Why I Took Almost 2 Full Months Off of Running

If you follow me on IG, you know I trained for and ran the Coastal Delaware Marathon on 4/14. Training started Jan 1 and it went well…until it didn’t. I was preparing for a 3:30-3:35 time and crossed the finish line at 4:31 – my slowest road marathon ever. It didn’t take much time for me to realize what had gone horribly wrong. With reasons that I’m not willing to share, my life leading up to CoDel was very stressful. There were a couple things going on in my life… Read more Why I Took Almost 2 Full Months Off of Running

5 Things a Runner Should Invest In

Taking your running to the next level takes a lot of patience, consistency, and hard work, but don’t forget about the little things that can help get you there. I’ve listed five items  runners should invest in to help them become stronger, faster, and injury free. *All products I use are linked but there are also other brands out there, so shop around and see what you like 🙂 Heart rate monitoring chest strap: Depending on which brand of watch you wear, there may be a HR monitoring chest strap… Read more 5 Things a Runner Should Invest In

5 Things I’ve Learned while Dealing with Grief

Now that it’s the holiday season and there are constant reminders to “be of good cheer”, I want to acknowledge that there are so many people who are hurting because they have lost a loved one. If you know someone who is grieving, gently reach out to them or give them time and space if they are not ready or willing to talk or get together. If you are grieving, I know how hard it is. My brother, Robert, was killed almost 6.5 years ago and I am still grieving.… Read more 5 Things I’ve Learned while Dealing with Grief

So how did those 2018 running goals go?

It’s December and all my 2018 races are done for the year. Naturally, I wanted to see if I hit any of the running goals I set for myself. Well, spoiler alert: I didn’t! But that’s okay. Here’s what I envisioned when I was closing out 2017: 2018 Running Goals: 1) Qualify for the 2019 Boston Marathon – Didn’t happen, but that’s okay! Still working for that BQ and I’ll get there. 2) Break 3:25 in the full marathon – No, but I set a PR (3:41) with negative splits! Honestly, I… Read more So how did those 2018 running goals go?

Something I’m Proud Of

I struggled with Binge Eating Disorder for over ten years. Since January 2018, I started working with two professionals and have seen so much growth in myself and managing my emotions. Most days are much easier than they used to be, but there are still some harder days. Recovering from an eating disorder doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter hard times anymore or your past demons won’t ever take over again. I had a hard evening last week but I was able to push through and come out stronger. This… Read more Something I’m Proud Of