Weekly Workouts: 4/9 – 4/16

Each week I’ll be posting my workouts. Since I’m marathon training for a race in May, many of my workouts include runs (long runs, recovery runs, tempo runs, speed workouts, etc.) I also fit in two lifting workouts each week, as well as lower body strengthening.

Saturday, April 9:

18 mile training run. This is the longest training run I’ll be doing for the Providence Marathon on May 1. I didn’t feel great during this run – very out of breath and winded the whole time. I think I pressed “pause” on my running app at least 10 times so I could stop and catch my breath! Turns out I was sick, and came down with a fever a couple hours after finishing.

IMG_2683 (2).jpg

Sunday, April 10 & Monday, April 11:

Rest days due to being sick.

Tuesday, April 12:

4.5 mile run at MAHR. MAHR stands for maximum anaerobic heart rate. When I’m not doing a long run, tempo, or speed workout, I make sure I’m running at a pace where my heart rate doesn’t go above my MAHR. (I track this using my FitBit Charge HR). Running under my MAHR will help me get faster while keeping my heart rate low.

IMG_2684 (2).jpg

Wednesday, April 13:

3.25 mile warmup and 5 hill repeats – 5.50 miles total. In June I’ll be running the Leadville Trail Marathon in Colorado. Like I mentioned in the “Robert” section, this marathon takes you up and over the mountains. Hill repeats are a great way to get used to climbing, though I guess mountain repeats might be a better way to train for this particular marathon 🙂 I also wore my new Motivate Wrap bracelet from Momentum Jewelry – a running friend very nicely gave it to me!

IMG_2685 (2).jpg

Thursday, April 14:

35 minutes of lifting and abs.

Friday, April 15:


Saturday, April 16:

B.A.A. 5K! If you’d like to read about my sub 8:00 min/mile pace run, click here!

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What are some of your favorite workouts?